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FORCED INDUCTIONS V5 BILLET S494 V2 104 G3 TW 1.32 A/R T6 Housing

FORCED INDUCTIONS BILLET V5 94mm compressor, new FIS V2 Race cover, and new G3 104 Turbine wheel Aero, TW 1.32 A/R T6 Housing - 1750HP

Compressor Wheel:  94mm Billet Compressor Wheel
Turbine Wheel:  S400 104 TW
Exhaust Housing:  1.32 AR T6 Housing

SKU: T-V5-494-V2-04G3-32-T6

Products specifications

Series S400
Bolt Pattern T6
Compressor Cover V2
Turbine Wheel 104mm
Compressor Wheel 94mm Billet