Monster Clutch Co. Billet Release Bearing Support

Billet Aluminum Bearing Support – Replaces the weak/terribly designed plastic piece inside the slave cylinder that the release bearing attaches to.


Additional information

Weight 1.000000 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



It’s no secret that the latest generation of slave cylinders GM has been putting in their performance cars have drawbacks. While the newer slave cylinders did much to alleviate some issues the older units had they actually have a much more severe issue to deal with. Many of the aftermarket companies are blaming the entire bearing assembly for failure. Upon research, we’ve discovered that the bearing itself isn’t the issue it’s the plastic bearing support piece upon which the bearing rides. This piece, when hot enough, disintegrates and causes some pretty catastrophic failures. This not only kills the slave cylinder, it also almost simultaneously kills the clutch in the process. Our billet bearing support eliminates this failure since it replaces the weak plastic piece with our custom piece machined from a solid chunk of USA made 6061T6 aluminum – gone will be the issues of melting plastic when our support is installed. Fits – 5th/6th Gen Camaro, C6/C7 Corvette, 1st/2nd Gen CTS-V, SSR, SS Sedan, and G8 GXP.