VSR 7875 Billet T51R .96ar 1.01 1.25 1.28 ar options (Reverse Options)

Billet 7875 T4 .96ar Open or 1.25 divided T4

T4 .96 rated at sub 800 tire capable on most v8 application

T4 1.25 rated at sub 900 tire capable on most v8 application

DV 1.01 Rated at 850 tire capable on most v8 applications

DV 1.28 Rated at 950 tire capable on most V8 applications

Reverse housings available

Compressor 78/102

3″ slip fit compressor cover

Turbine 82/75

T4 .96ar Housing Open

3″ downpipe use this dp here which can be ordered

T67,T72,76,78 discharge flange and clamp – VSRacing.

T4 1.25 Housing divided

4″ downpipe use this DP flange here which can be ordered

S400 downpipe flange w/clamp T4 Flat(NonMarmon) – VSRacing.

DV 1.01 and 1.28 housing

3.5″ Vband outlet clamp/flange for dual vband housings for 7875,6782,80G42 – VSRacing.


Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

.96ar T4, .96ar T4 reverse, 1.01 Dual V-Band, 1.01 Dual V-band Reverse, 1.25ar Divided T4, 1.25AR T4 Reverse, 1.28 Dual V-band Normal Rotation, 1.28 Dual V-band Reverse Rotation