VSR G2.5 DBB 7875 (Normal and Mirror Available)

This is our G2.5 series turbocharger in full DBB option

Oil and water bearing housing. Water is optional and comes pre-plugged

78/102 Compressor

82/75 turbine 10 blade turbine technology

Latest Gen Aero point milled wheel

Options: T4 1.25 Divided or Dual V-Band 1.01, 1.28 or new open .96ar T4

T4 1.25 DP Flange

T4 .96ar DP Flange T72,76,78 discharge flange and clamp – VSRacing

DV turbine outlet 3.5″ Vband outlet clamp/flange for dual vband housings for 7875,6782,80G42 – VSRacing

Compressor Inlet 4″

Compressor Outlet 3″ slip fit

Water port thread pitch is M14x1.5

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in
Turbine Housing

.96ar T4, .96ar T4 reverse, 1.01 Dual V-Band, 1.01 Dual V-band Reverse, 1.25 Divided T4 Normal Rotation, 1.25AR T4 Reverse, 1.28 Dual V-Band, 1.28 Dual V-band Reverse